General Admission Tickets vs VIP

GA (General Admission) - All GA tickets are 3-day passes that grant you access to

  • festival grounds
  • all stages
  • the winery
  • food trucks
  • beer gardens
  • all activities
  • art installations
  • plenty of bathrooms
  • re-entry all weekend from parking and camp sites to venue
  • tons of fun

VIP - All VIP tickets are 3-day passes that grant access to all the same things as GA plus

  • a reserved area up at the front of the stage
  • private VIP only beer garden and bars
  • private VIP only bathrooms

Note: GA will also get you right up to the stage, but it's basically "first come first serve" and thus room to stand at the front is not guaranteed, the VIP section is a reserved area up at the front which spans between 1/4 and 1/3 of the stage and approximately 10-15 feet back allowing for coming and going without the worry of not being able to get back up front because VIP tickets are very limited.

GA will have plenty of bars and bathrooms, but VIP will have them in their own limited access areas, so much less waiting around and no need to walk too far away and possibly miss any more of an artist's performance than necessary.